Akurate Dynamics Tank

Akurate Dynamics is intimately familiar with the issues surrounding the 55 gallon drums. From exposed chemical to sprayer safety, we've eliminated the industry's most pressing problems:

  • Chemical mixing

    • Our tanks include a built-in auger to ensure that chemicals are ​mixed properly

    • An on-board nitrogen generator makes a "blanket" to ensure chemical doesn't crust

  • Stabilization

    • Our tanks are securely attached to the floor of the rig, eliminating the need for transporting heavy, awkward 55 gallon drums

    • The Akurate Dynamics diaphragm pump quickly and easily fills tanks with chemical. 

  • Closed System​

    • Akurate Dynamics' equipment creates a closed chemical system ensuring a safer, more efficient, and more accountable process of handling chemical

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Akurate Dynamics Tanks

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