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It's been great.  Heats up faster, better pattern and a ton more yield.  It's our favorite rig to use.

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So far, we're amazed!  We have been spraying with this for a month and we continuously average a 15% increase in yield.  This equates to approximately $212 per day in profit.  It won't take long to pay for itself with these numbers!  Also knowing its on-ratio all the time is such a peace of mind you can't put a price on.


It sprays awesome.  We've had some down time due to hose and gun issues but wouldn't go back to another system.  The light weight hose, the support we get and the assurance that the foam is on-ratio is enough alone


It sprays awesome!  It sprays a lot better, heats up faster and the hose is way lighter.  Love it!


Even with the few issues we have had we plan to buy another one in the spring as the increased yield pays for it.


The guys really like it.

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