Delta CPS Proportioner

The Delta CPS Proportioner is an innovation unlike anything seen before in the Spray Foam industry. Our proportioner uses gear pumps and contains custom in-house designed and manufactured heat exchangers. The Delta CPS Proportioner was designed top-to-bottom to be the most intuitive, "hands off" proportioner in the industry. Advantages include:

  • Easy to use system

    • Every component is designed and built to work together seamlessly 

  • Low maintenance costs

    • With fewer moving parts than a piston pump system, maintenance is cheaper and faster​

  • 1:1 Ratio

    • Integrated software adjust motor speed in response to flow meters for a guaranteed 1:1 ratio


Ready to be on-ratio, all the time?  Contact us today!

Delta CPS

Data Sheet

Delta CPS HV

Data Sheet

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