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Our Mission is Simple, Our Vision is Clear

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

At Akurate Dynamics, we strive to develop, innovate and invest in technology that will advance the industry as a whole.

Our mission statement is simple:

Advancing our Industry Driving Innovation

The idea of Akurate Dynamics was conceived through the realization that there was a growing market with an incredible benefit to consumers, and that through innovation and technology, those benefits would be recognized and widely adopted as an industry standard.

Akurate Dynamics set out to inspire change for the benefit of the market; from the manufacturers to the contractors and ultimately the homeowners. This journey is just beginning!

Transparency and accountability are at the core of our drive for innovation and advancement of the industry. As such, we want to share our vision and mission statement with everyone!

We will not build systems and solutions with the purpose of driving cost out of our system to the detriment of contractors. Doing so would create lower standards, putting the end-customer at risk.

We are building systems and solutions to meet an ever-growing market demand for accountability, transparency, overall process control and a higher standard of performance.

The current market trend that is moving to drive more cost out of a system is detrimental not only to the end-customer, but to the market itself.

Everything that Akurate Dynamics does will be based on our core values as stated in our vision and mission statements. We fully intend do our best to make the industry better for everyone.

Over the next few weeks, we will share our philosophy and process in more detail. It is time to talk about “our” responsibility to the end consumer and the marketplace.


Dusty McNab

Executive Vice President – Sales and Marketing

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