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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need a Smarter Hose

Everything is getting smarter. Smart phones, smart thermostats, and even smart toothbrushes are sneaking into every aspect of our lives. The spray foam hose is getting smarter too.

Here are the Top 7 reasons why you should be using a smarter hose:

1. You hate arriving at a jobsite at 6:00 am only to wait for hours for your chemical to heat.

· The heating elements are in direct contact with the chemical, reducing warm-up time on frigid mornings.

2. You want your hose to react to the environment.

· The dynamic heating elements adjusts temperature in each hose section based on external environmental variables such as going from rig, to snow, then to a home or building.

3. You like controlling A and B temperatures separately.

· An experienced sprayer knows the exact temperatures to optimize chemicals, so you can fine tune your spraying technique.

4. You don’t like getting shut down when one hose section goes down.

· Individually controlled and powered sections allow the hose to function flawlessly even if one section malfunctions.

5. You like getting more yield out of your chemical.

· Independent hose heating allows you to match A and B side pressures, maximizing chemical yield.

6. You want to know what your A and B pressures are at the whip.

· The pressure reading at the machine, may not be the same at the whip. With a smart hose, you’ll also get a measurement at the whip.

7. You’d rather not wear out your spraying arm and back 30 minutes into each job.

· Smart hoses are 65% lighter than industry standard hoses.

This is an introduction to our smart hose series. In the following weeks we will be sharing more information about the advantages mentioned above in detail. Stay tuned!

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