Deltalite Hose

DeltaLite Hose

Akurate Dynamics has completely redesigned the spray foam hose. Our Deltalite hoses are smarter, lighter and more durable.

  • Smarter​

    • Six temperature sensors are placed ​in both ISO and Resin Hoses for precise control

    • Pressure measurement is taken 24' from the gun end of the hose

    • Independent internal heating element for each 50' section of hose instantly heats the hose to exact set point in any condition​​

  • Lighter

    • Whole hose 25% lighter than industry average​

    • Whip 65% lighter than industry average​

  • More Durable​

    • Hoses are wrapped with a ballistic grade nylon cover with extra protection installed around electrical components​


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Deltalite Hose Data Sheet

Deltalite Controller Data Sheet

 Deltalite Hose Spec Sheet

Deltalite Hoses are compatible with most industry standard proportioners

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