Introducing the Next Generation in Mobile Polyurethane Foam Processing

Akurate Dynamics Delta CPS is the next generation in chemical processing systems designed for the spray foam industry.  We specifically designed this system to address the most important aspects in the application of plural component polyureas.

Delta CPS Benefits Overview

Automates on-ratio application of expandable foams

Ensures both chemical and resulting foam are prepared and processed according to Chemical Manufacturer’s specifications

Processes the chemicals at controlled pressures and temperatures to maximum reliable yields

Increases safety and efficiency in chemical handling

Automated On-Ratio Setting Features

  • No more guesswork regarding real time on-ratio application
  • No need to rely on stroke counters to estimate ratio accuracy

The flow meters and computer system of the Akurate Dynamics Delta CPS automatically adjust the flow rate and motor speed of the system to precisely match both ISO and Resin. The result is a reliable 1:1 ratio within chemical manufacturers specification.

Chemical Management

  • No more transporting heavy drums into rigs
  • No more stick pumps used in operations
  • No more cold chemicals that may cause cavitation and resulting pump failures
  • No more overheated drums that may damage chemical blowing agents
  • No more open drum chemical exposure on job site risking employees and environment
  • No more compromised chemical due to foreign object exposure

Final Product Assurance

  • Provide customers with conformance report documenting the jobs on ratio performance
  • Eliminate the risk of Resin rich or Iso rich regions of foam production
  • Significantly reduce possible operator errors
  • Allow operators to focus on skills training for the installation of foam, the Delta CPS watches the processing equipment

Easy to use HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Operators Input THREE operational settings

  • Temperature – which will set the temperature at the spray gun for precise processing
  • Pressure – Ensure correct atomization of chemicals for optimal yield
  • Flow Rate – Adjustable motor speed will determine the rate of chemical being dispensed

Introducing the Akurate Dynamics Delta CPS

A fundamental change in spray foam processing technology.