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The Analyst Pro

The Analyst Pro

Maximize the value of your equipment with The Analyst Pro. The Analyst Pro evaluates total system performance through multi-point measurements of flow, temperature and pressure by taking actual readings not only at the proportioner, but near the gun. As a diagnostic tool, The Analyst Pro only takes one to two weeks to fully evaluate your system.  Use it for a couple of weeks, and then return it.


The Analyst Pro provides transparency on three critical levels:




Are set points at the proportioner the real temperatures where the spraying happens near the gun?  (Learn more about Series vs. Segment Heating and Internally Heated Hoses)




Pressure is a critical component to maximizing your spraying effectiveness.  Is the pressure near the gun the same as your set point?  Are your pressures equal?  (Learn more about Pressure Readings:  Why Location Matters)


On-ratio Spraying


Over time, is your equipment still spraying on-ratio?

Contact us to see how you can diagnose your equipment!

The Analyst Pro Data Sheet

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