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Akurate Dynamics Announces The Analyst Pro

Akurate Dynamics, a Houston, Texas based Spray foam technology company is pleased to announce the launch of its new product, The Analyst Pro. An issue during the spray foam application process is maintaining specified temperature throughout the entire system, from proportioner, throughout the hose system and out of the gun.  The two chemicals used in spray foam applications require different specific temperatures and pressures to facilitate the proper 1:1 ratio for effective installation of spray foam.  Inaccurate temperature and pressure measurements can result in improper, off-ratio application reducing the optimal performance levels. 


The Analyst Pro is a diagnostic tool that provides validation through systems testing to measure flow, temperature and pressure. A top-of-the-line spray foam rig is a significant investment.  As technology continues to advance in the spray foam industry, and the use of spray foam is further adopted in the residential industry, the importance of accuracy in spray foam equipment becomes more critical.  Accuracy is not only important to ensure the proper and safe application of spray foam, but also ensures that the contractor is maximizing the value of the equipment. The Analyst Pro is adaptable to most industry standard proportioners. 


“We are motivated every day to bring transparency and accountability to the industry” said Dusty McNab, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Akurate Dynamics. “Accuracy and consistency are critical components to a contractor’s business.  Ensuring their equipment (the most significant financial investment) is running in its most optimized state is a huge opportunity for a contractor.  The Analyst Pro brings that transparency and fact-base that they can utilize to help evaluate efficiencies or areas of improvement in their businesses.”


The Analyst Pro will be available to distribution partners as well as directly through Akurate Dynamics.


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Akurate Dynamics is the industry leader in spray foam innovation and technology.  Akurate manufactures spray foam systems and solutions that adhere to the highest performance standards with a focus on accountability, transparency and quality.



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