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The True Difference in Flow Meters

As we wrap up our series on flow meters, we need to answer the ultimate question: What is the main functional difference between flow meters across the Spray Foam industry?

Most equipment manufacturers in the Spray Foam industry have added flow meters to their equipment in response to pressure from regulators and innovative competitors. The current industry standard piston pump technology cannot be fundamentally changed with the addition of flow meters, the meters largely act as a “monitoring or alarm” function along with pressure and temperature sensors. Just like a piston-pump proportioner will cease function when there is a pressure imbalance, the proportioner will now cease function when there is a flow imbalance. These “shut down” scenarios are all contingent on the user-determined tolerances and whether this function is activated or not, vs. it being a built-in required process. With competing equipment only requiring a wide range of tolerances, resolution is not particularly important, and manufacturers can use a flow meter that isn’t quite as robust. Flow meters are an important development in the industry and certainly has the potential to improve foam quality for the end customer.

At Akurate Dynamics, our flow meter is vital to the functionality of our Delta CPS Proportioner. Our spur-style flow meters independently measure the flow of A and B chemicals roughly 600 times every minute. Resolution is so important at Akurate because our independently driven electric motors use these measurements to adjust motor speeds in real-time to ensure a true 1:1 ratio. If the flow on the A side slows down (due to a blockage at the gun or any other issue), the flow meters will send a directive to the B side motor telling it to slow down to match the flow of the A side.

Creativity and innovation are in our DNA! The quality and resolution of our flow meters are the magic sauce in our equipment. Contact us today to learn more!

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