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Why You Need a Smart Hose: Putting it All Together

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Akurate Dynamics has developed one of the most exciting and accessible innovations in the spray foam industry. The Akurate Deltalite Hose comes packed with exciting new advancements, all benefiting the contractor.

Internal Heating: Akurate solved several problems by implementing internal heating technology. With internal heat, you can control A and B temperatures separately and take advantage of the insulating properties of the hose, all while reducing hose weight by 65%.

Spray Foam Hose Environmental Temperature Variations Akurate Dynamics Spray Foam Insulation Equipment Rig Manufacturer

Series Heating vs Segment Heating: The DeltaLite Hose allows you to take temperature measurements and adjust heat along the length of your hose, allowing you to keep a consistent temperature from the proportioner all the way to the gun.

Reactive and Proactive Pressure Readings Akurate Dynamics Spray Foam Insulation Equipment Rig Manufacturer

Pressure Readings: When you only measure pressure at the proportioner, you’re only seeing part of the picture. When you read pressure at the proportioner and at the gun, your machine is more reactive to pressure changes, and troubleshooting becomes safer and faster.

Ready to Experience a smarter hose? Contact us today!

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